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BIS is a full-service GIS provider specializing in data conversion/management, scripting, online mapping applications, map generation, spatial analysis, statistical analysis, training/support, and other GIS processes. With years of experience, we have structured ourselves to become your source for all your GIS needs to further enable your success. Whether a large publicly traded oil and gas company, a rural local government office, or small business, we have seen and done it all. We have a variety of solutions to fit your business needs and objectives.

esri silver partner

ESRI Silver Partner

BIS is proud to be a part of the ESRI partner network. This network allows BIS to deliver solutions, content, and services using the Esri Geospatial Cloud infrastructure. ESRI is a world leader in geospatial solutions and their software runs many of the mapping systems utilized by governments, corporations, and non-profits throughout the globe.

GIS Maintenance

Splits, corrections, new subdivisions oh my! Our GIS maintenance service keeps your parcel data up to date and clean. When you have above average parcel data it opens the door on countless ways to utilize the data or simply answering questions with confidence.

Our skilled team takes your deed changes and reflects them on the map in under a months time. Allowing your taxpayers to see their new information quickly.

You can rest easy at night knowing that our team is not only skilled GIS and understands the latest technology but is also skilled in read deeds and the appraisal process.

BIS’s GIS Maintenance work is very collaborative. The Client’s staff knows the area and the data best; they also know where cadastral issues are or where the reference data may be located. GIS Maintenance work is the most successful with the communication and help of the client.

Interactive Map

BIS offers the latest in web mapping technologies so that you, your staff, and the public can utilize a common platform to view land record information, aerial imagery, and other GIS information all within the confines of a PC, laptop, or mobile device.

Multiple Layers and Basemaps

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Detailed Property Information

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Deed Processing

Let our experienced team brings peace of mind to your deeds staff. Our Deed Processing service starts with reading deeds and identifying properties. We can then handle Deed Processing changes of ownership for you.  We manage parcel creation, splits, merging and cleanup, all with old-school customer service. Concerned about manpower? We provide supplemental support when the deed workload has overwhelmed your office.

Why choose BIS for Deed Processing?

  • Experience

  • Accuracy

  • Continuity

Aerial Imaging

BIS provides high quality aerial imagery, with fast product delivery, at a low cost. Our imagery is easy to use and provides an accurate and efficient way to visualize county properties.

These aerial photographs are much more dynamic than a form: they allow visibility to see trees, buildings, and adjacent properties. This service brings a new level of transparency for property owners.

Aerial imaging helps each county ensure that property information has been catalogued correctly. Using aerial imaging is a quick and easy way for your district to automatically flag issues with properties and ensure it matches what is in your CAMA system.

In a recent project, BIS was able to fly and process an aerial map within three weeks. For our competitors, the same process takes a year. Aerial imaging is a handy tool to increase efficiency.

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Mobile Field Solutions

The days of carrying stacks of field cards printing and folding paper are over. BIS provides easy to use mobile applications that increase efficiency and time for your field staff.

Field appraisers can bring digital field cards on their tablet through our Mobile Field Device. With reduced clicks, they can take photos, write notes and upload new property information.

No more printing. No more clipboards. No more organizing and folding paper. Our app creates digital field cards.

After returning to your office from the field, upload the new property information over WiFi instantaneously.

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Texas County GIS Data

BIS offers up to date GIS data for many counties in Texas. This data includes land ownership information, values, and legal descriptions. We also provide abstract, roads, and oil/gas infrastructure files. Click the Image on the right to view our data site.

We Are Here for All Your GIS Needs!

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Our incredible humans are available between 8:00-5:00 p.m. to answer your questions. We also offer after-hours emergency IT support at 800-247-9045, then press 4.

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