A Top Notch Team Of Technical Professionals

Passionate in Helping Local Government Offices Become More Efficient.

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We Are A Relational Business, Not A Transactional One.

Founded in 2007

Based in Farmers Branch, Texas

Over 30 Employees

Privately Owned

Over 100 years combined appraisal district, GIS, and Technical experience.

BIS delivers enterprise-level IT, GIS and Web Services to over 150 government agencies and organizations throughout the US, BIS quickly established themselves as industry leaders.

Dressing up and having fun!


Simplify our clients IT needs through old school customer service with the ambition of improving technology in every area of government.


To make local government interactions seamless and transparent, with modern up-to-date processes regardless of budget and size.


Community, Servitude, Adventurous, Faith, Grit, Humble, and Entrepreneurial Spirit

We boost our clients to get more sales

Our Values Are Who We Strive To Be Everyday.

Want to know us? Know our Core Values:

Every day is an adventure. With servitude, we put our clients first. Our community is everything. Our people have faith, offering bold solutions. Our grit keeps us going until we have a solution. We are humble with our clients and with each other.  We’re always working to have an entrepreneurial spirit.

That’s the BIS Way.

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We Boost Our Clients’ End User Experience by Optimizing Their Software Solution.

We Take Our Mission Seriously

Technology can be complicated. Working with us is easy. Our goal is to make your technology more streamlined, run faster, and underpin it all with old school customer service at a good price. Bonus points for leaving your office with a hug or high-five.

Our Vision Is Bright

We believe in treating everyone the same: big or small. We pride ourselves on giving small, rural counties the same service as a large county. We’re here for you, no matter your size.

“A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.”

Willy Wonka

Chocolate Factory