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BIS offers an Online Protest application that is efficient, talks with your CAMA software, and is contact-free. With the onset of COVID and rise of remote work, online functionality has become of critical importance.

The BIS online protest software is designed to simplify the appeals process for taxpayers while giving appraisers the ability to easily manage protests. This technology allows appraisers to view evidence, communicate with the taxpayer and present a Settlement and Waiver for approval, all in one online application.

Why Choose BIS for Online Protest

  • Efficient. With this application, administrators and appraisers receive updates twice a day, which prioritizes activity. If there is a new comment or new protest, your administrator and appraiser are notified. Appraisal Districts can view charts and graphs depicting protests by appraiser, protests by status, and protest activity by week. Access to current data helps manage workflow and ensure efficient processes.

  • Contact-Free. The Online Protest comment feature allows the taxpayer to communicate directly with the appraiser. Conversations are documented. This gives taxpayers the opportunity to talk with the appraiser prior to going to the appraisal review board. When resolved online, protestors can be given a Settlement and Waiver through the system without even going to the Appraisal Review Board.

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