BIS Field Maps Mobile Solution 

Carrying paper maps and printing out field cards are a thing of the past.

Texas Appraisal Districts have a strict timeline to access and appraise property.

Rural appraisal districts are challenged with limited staff and much to do in a short timeframe to meet the appraisal notice deadlines. Field Inspections consume time and financial resources. Access to a reliable mobile application can assist you in planning your workday and collecting the needed field data. The solution for this challenge is waiting for your office.

The BIS Field Maps Mobile Solution application is a highly efficient tool that can be used in the field to route your field inspection properties.

The application runs in both IOS and Windows operating system preferably on an iPad or Surface Pro with the devices being both WIFI and cellular-enabled.

The application utilizes google maps for routing and once you’re in front of the property, you toggle back to the application and begin collecting your data. You view a published map service on ArcGIS Online, which includes the latest aerial imagery and your parcel layer. Once you click on the parcel, you will see the attribute information for that parcel and the actual parcel field card. The application allows you to markup the card or sketch out on the card if there is a change in the structure. This app. allows you to take a photo of the property and save it to your map that you can download later for your CAMA.

This app. will speed up your process in the field, saving you time and making you more efficient.

How the application works: 

We will ask you to export all your field cards in .pdf format from your CAMA. Our GIS staff will set up an FTP folder that you will have access to so you can copy them to that folder.

The map will have the most recent aerials and your parcel layer will overlay. It will look like the BIS Web maps that you see on many of our clients’ sites.

You will be able to route yourself to the parcels in your county using google maps which is part of the app. You will select the parcel you are inspecting and take a photo if needed.

When selecting the parcel, you will be able to update the map shading each parcel green when you have completed the inspection. If there is a locked gate or some issue you cannot get into the property you can select Needs Attention and it will shade it yellow. Also, you will be able to select the attached field card, mark it up, and store it on your iPad.

We can add special layers like rechecks that will show all the parcels that require inspection. We can obtain a spreadsheet from you and create a layer using parcel id #.

So, this map becomes your working map so that you can track your progress on your fieldwork. You can access the map on your desktop computer through the same account.

Without a mobile device: 

Carrying paper maps, printing field cards, and staying organized is cumbersome. Your truck is full of paper, and you are doing your best to perform your work in the field. Your digital camera takes additional steps to manage and attach the photo to the correct parcel-id for uploading into the CAMA. Planning your drive out every day and discovering another property with a change, without access to the field card, is frustrating. Tracking your progress is also tricky in maintaining a spreadsheet list. Two or more appraisers in the field cannot visualize the group’s progress. You are at a locked gate and cannot tell if the property has a new structure. An aerial for this property in the field is needed. There can be so many hangups to accomplishing the work. Even after inspections, the working map provides an advantage in ARB (Appraisal Review Board) hearings. MAP reviews will also benefit in detailing the progress of the inspections during an appraisal cycle.

The BIS Mobile Field Maps Mobile app will eliminate these negatives mentioned above. Time and efficiency will improve greatly when utilizing this application at your Appraisal District.

Many positives using this application. No more printing out all the appraisal cards and organizing them for fieldwork. The digital cards will already be part of the application so you can access the information on your mobile device. This app. on your mobile device can run in both online and offline mode. So, when you’re working in an area with no cell service you can still collect your data and when you get back to the office it will sync up. No more worrying if I’m not connected to the Cellular network. Faster times to get around to each property and as you complete inspections you can update the map to symbolize it. This will let you see your progress on the mobile device and on your desktop when you are back in the office. No longer managing all those photos, the application will allow us to manage them for you and drop them on your desktop folder.

BIS can set up a live demo at your convenience.

We have an iPad 10th generation with the BIS Field Maps running on the device. Several counties are running the application with success. We can fast-track your installation if needed. We will need the latest copy of your parcel data and a copy of all your appraisal cards for your county in .pdf format. We will set up an FTP folder for your data drops and set up your application. BIS GIS staff will manage the ESRI ArcGIS online account hosting your map in the Field Maps application. Let us know when you are ready to make a move toward a more efficient appraisal. We would be pleased to help you save time and money.

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