Two Secrets On How To Be Better at Work

Be Better” is our mantra at BIS.

Be Better is a mission of continuous improvement that extends to all parts of our business. We strive to offer better customer service, better value, and make local government better.

We are constantly asking ourselves, “How do we provide a next level experience to our customers? How can we truly Be Better?”

So…how do we work to be better?

  1. Reorganize and reprioritize.

A book that reinforces “Be Better” is Traction(EOS). The book explains that cutting anchors (by identifying the things that slow us down) helps the organization move forward strategically. Often in our business, “cutting anchors” means reorganizing and reprioritizing. We’re not afraid to shift, re-evaluate and try new things.

We like to use the analogy of a rowing team. By re-organizing when needed, we place people in the right seat on the boat, allowing us to leverage our team’s best potential which helps us move forward quickly. Just like the rowing team, someone must steer, someone sets the rowing rhythm, someone must help power through. When we move people into the appropriate position, we all row together from our place of strength, and the result is a better product or service. An improved work product gives our customers a better experience, and ultimately a higher level of satisfaction. As an added bonus, the organization moves forward more quickly and efficiently.

       2. Measure and evaluate.

The Great Game of Business is another book that reinforces our mantra of “Be Better”. It explains the importance of evaluating and measuring team performance. Inspired by this book, we created a measuring stick for success. We built a scorecard of 1-3 items that indicate health and success. (Truthfully there are now closer to 5-10 items that make up that scorecard today.)

One scorecard item is the number of unresolved GIS client tickets. We believe that offering outstanding customer service means there are very few unresolved GIS client tickets. By measuring, tracking, and taking action on issues, we are able to evaluate and offer a higher level of service to our customers. We know where we stand, and we know how to “Be Better”.

Be Better is our mantra, and it drives us to continuously improve. Our ambition is better customer service, better value, working to make local government better through continual organization evaluation, prioritization, measurement and improvement.

Published On: March 23rd, 2022 / Categories: Department Highlights /

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