TNT Export in PACS

July 3, 2023

Goodbye TNT Export in PACS!  We made it easier to import your PACS data from your TNT Calculator this year!  All you need to do is login to your TNT calculator site and click a button.

TNT Calculator

Follow these steps to get the PACS data:

  • Click on Tax Rate Calculations

  • Select a Tax Office

  • Select a Taxing Unit

  • Click Import from PACS

This process is populating the data used by the TNT worksheets.  Once finished, the screen will be refreshed with your data.

A couple of notes related to PACS:

  • When your data is imported from PACS, you can view the history in PACS.  The Current functionality to Print / Preview Totals associated with a specific Export / Import for the “current” year and the “previous” year will remain with no changes.

  • The option to Export TNT data from within PACS no longer works and will be removed in a PACS service pack in the very near future.

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