The Meaning Behind Our Mission Statement

Every football game has a playbook, and every traveler has a map. Heck, sometimes we even use Waze on the way to Walmart. In the same way, companies should have internal navigation that keeps them on course. For BIS, that compass is our mission statement.

The BIS mission statement is to:

“Simplify our clients IT needs through old school customer service with the ambition of improving technology in every area of government.”

That mission statement serves both customers and BIS employees.

What it means to our customers:

When we say “old school customer service” in our mission statement…it means that a real human picks up the phone when you call.

Technology can be complicated. Working with us is easy. Our goal is to make our client’s technology more streamlined, run faster, and underpin it all with old school customer service at a good price. (Bonus points for leaving our customer’s office with a hug or high-five).

What it means to us:

The mission statement brings us focus.

When it comes to evaluating new business opportunities, we ask ourselves whether it would take focus away from our existing client base. “Will this opportunity continue to allow us to improve technology in every area of government?” It is tempting to pursue new industries, but we are committed to providing IT, GIS and Sites services to local government, and doing an excellent job in that niche. It is important to keep our eye on the ball. We want to remain true to our mission. We will continue in an industry where we have built a solid reputation.

When we say “improving technology” in our mission statement…it means we are always working to be better. Britt & Brandon are constantly thinking about how to improve. Even in meetings, they found themselves asking “how can we be better?” This mentality has become embedded in our culture and “Be Better” is one of our core values today.

BIS is committed to fulfilling the objectives of our mission statement. It keeps our clients apprised of what we have set out to do, and holds our employees in line with our purpose.

To read more about our mission, vision, and core values, visit our website here.

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