Senate Bill 1487 and How It Affects Your Technology Needs

April 22, 2023

Last Action: 04/06/2023 S Committee report printed and distributed

Caption Version: Senate Committee Report
Caption Text: Relating to the electronic delivery of certain communications required or permitted under the Property Tax Code.

Author: Bettencourt | Eckhardt | Gutierrez | Hall | Parker | Paxton | Springer | West

Senate Committee: Local Government

Status: Out of Committee
Vote: Ayes=7 Nays=0 Present Not Voting=0 Absent=2

What is Senate Bill 1487?

  • Electronic delivery of certain communications options required or permitted under the Property Tax Code. Taxpayers may submit a request to receive ALL communications by email.

Why does Senate Bill 1487 affect me?

  • Your office will need a system that allows taxpayers to receive all communication from your office electronically. The one advantage of utilizing stand-alone email to accomplish this significant task is receiving a notification from the recipient upon opening the email. However, management and tracking would be an issue. Numerous emails to track would create an inefficient system that could be unreliable.

  • Foreseen problems with managing through email alone:

    – Copious email correspondence if a portal isn’t used.

    – Issue with tracking and reporting if not opened by the recipient.

    – Poor choice for organized written communications in reporting and retention, for both sender and recipient, without a portal.

    – Email Unreliability-email change, password issue, hacked email, junk mail folder, etc.

What tech solutions exist, such as the type Senate Bill 1487 may require?

  • Online Portals development for taxpayer correspondence. Reporting and Tracking are efficient and secure with portal access.

  • Available BIS Services:

    – Online Appraisal Notices

    – Online Protest Portal – with historical data availability.

    – Online Forms Portal – with historical data availability.

    – TNT SB2 Website for comments, rates, and meeting dates

When Does Senate Bill 1487 affect me?

  • Effective date 01/01/2024 for all over 120K Population and 01/01/2025 for those under 120K Population.

What is on the BIS Radar with the Texas 88th Legislative Session? Although the session is in the early stages, BIS wants you to know we are tracking the bills affecting potential technology changes.  The information provided on this website does not, and is not meant to, constitute legal advice; instead, all information, content, and materials available on this site are for general informational purposes only.
As with all legal issues, readers of this website should consult their attorney.

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