Take a closer look at deeds.

Our Deed Processing service starts with reading the deed and identifying the property. We can then handle Deed Processing changes of ownership for you.

Concerned about manpower? We provide supplemental support when the deed workload has overwhelmed your office.

Why choose BIS for Deed Processing?

  • We Have Been There. We have experience knowing the way appraisal districts think. About half of our GIS team members worked for many years in a local appraisal district. We understand our clients. Hector Gomez alone brings 30 years of experience from working at the Travis Central Appraisal District.

  • We Train. We teach new employees all the tricks of the trade, like how to do ownership changes and split tracks out. By having both senior and junior members in the GIS department, we build a more powerful, layered team. We cross-train our employees so that they can cover multiple areas like deed processing and mapping. If one of our team members has to be out of the office for a day, we’re able to shift work around to another team member to ensure your work gets done. Our clients don’t worry about training their own employees in parcel creation, splits, merging and cleanup. We’re already trained. Just tell us how you like it, and we will get it done.

  • We Are Accurate. Senior members like Hector always check our team’s work. When new clients come on board, we often find tons of mistakes that our competitors made. Sometimes we receive new data, and instead of filing it, we correct where it would fill in a gap of old data that we are missing. We find that because of our accuracy checks, we produce better quality work.

  • We Provide Continuity. When using BIS, our clients don’t have to worry about employee turnover. We’re here. If someone were to leave your team, we can fill the gap. Particularly in West Texas during an oil boom, we have watched appraisal district employees depart for other jobs, leaving a huge gap. When district income fluctuates, we’re always here. Don’t worry about employee turnover-we can do the work for you. We can be your entire GIS and ownership departments.

Contact us about Deed Support: (800)247-9045 or deedsupport@bisconsultants.com

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