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When you have excellent web applications you make your tax payers life easier in return making your staffs lives easier.

For government offices great web applications are the best way to keep property owners, jurisdictions and taxpayers informed. BIS proudly hosts websites for Appraisal Districts, Tax Offices, and Taxing Units across many States and can quickly get you and your team set up with an easy-to-use website that is customizable to meet your specific needs.

Web Hosting

Let our Sites team design and create a website that is user-friendly, organized, and compliant with State or County regulations. We can train and equip your team to update your website or we can handle website updates for you. BIS hosted websites provide relevant information in a clean and organized manner enabling the public to easily discover the information they need without calling your office or visiting your customer service desk.

State forms verified on a monthly basis.

Annual calendars verified before each year.

Post board meeting agendas and minutes.

Refreshed website themes on a regular basis.

We know how busy you are and keeping up with new statutory requirements is stressful. Our Sites team will remove that burden so you can be confident your website meets all necessary State and local regulations while also being secure and easy-to-use for both your staff and your taxpayers.

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Property Search

Providing up to date property information, in a clean fast modern platform.

Updated Property Information

Easy to Use Interface

Intuitive Search

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Unmatched Truth in Taxation Website (SB2)

When SB2 became a law, the BIS development team got to work creating a site that not only met the requirements but that was also clean, organized, and user-friendly. To be useful to taxpayers, the site had to be easy to navigate and provide a thorough break down of the different tax rates that contribute to a property owner’s tax bill.

  • Easy To Update

  • Workflow

  • Easy Navigation

  • Modern Look

  • Meets Law Requirements

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Online Forms

The BIS Online Forms service will help you to reduce unnecessary foot traffic in your office and make processing forms more efficient. The system allows property owners to conveniently file appraisal related forms via the web.

Appraisal district staff are then able to review submitted forms within the BIS Online Forms system and approve, deny, or request more information from the property owner without any need for face-to-face interaction.

All forms within the system reflect up-to-date information and mirror the forms provided by the State Comptroller’s office. That can be easily export once completed and imported into your CAMA software.

  • Address Change Form
  • Agricultural 1-D-1 Application
  • Business Personal Property Rendition
  • Disabled Veteran’s or Survivor’s Exemption
  • Freeport Exemption
  • Homestead Exemption
  • Exemption Property Damaged by Disaster
  • Timberland Appraisal
  • Wildlife Management Annual Report
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Online Protest

The BIS Online Protest system helps improve the appeals process for both the appraisal district and the taxpayer, allowing you to receive protests, upload evidence files, handle requests for ARB evidence, and more.

All online Protestors.

Create a Protest, Provide Protest Information, Add Evidence, Identify Reason for Protest, Submit Protest, manage protests, interacting with assigned appraiser.

Managing Assigned Protests, Interacting with Taxpayers, Uploading Supporting Documents.

Managing Protest Status, Settlements and Waivers, Notice of Protest Hearing Upload.

Telephone hearing option on the Notice of Protest is now configurable to handle individual district preference on whether to ask the protester for a telephone number for the ARB to contact them, or to not ask for a telephone number and refer the protester to the county specific hearing procedures.

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