The GIS team has been performing daily maintenance and editing on a quarter of the state of Texas.

The GIS team is a highly experienced group of 12 mappers.  Their clients are counties ranging from one million people to 3,500 people. Regardless of county size, the team gives the same level of attention and detail to each client.

The team has created a streamlined process that is easy for appraisal districts to use. After clients process new survey information in their tax system, they drag-and-drop that information to the GIS team, using an automated process.

The GIS team works hard, updating this information daily.  BIS knows that the visual aspect is important to taxpayers, so they ensure a quick turnaround to allow taxpayers to have updated information.

BIS provides regular timely reports to record all the work has been completed. BIS also provides reporting at the end of the year so that counties can summarize the appraisal review process and mapping changes for the state.

Additionally, the GIS team has the ability to produce complete digital maps for counties who may lack resources. They have built digital maps from the ground up for counties who have only historically had paper maps. The process includes creating digital maps utilizing aerial mapping, scanning existing paper maps, and pulling deed record information to ensure property line is matched to fence line.

We are proud of the work that you do: mapping over 56 counties in Texas daily, GIS team!

Contact us about BIS GIS: (800)247-9045 or

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