Take your field cards from paper to digital.

Go paper-free in the field with our Mobile Field Device application. No more printing. No more organizing paper. The days of carrying stacks of field cards and figuring out the proper folding techniques are over. BIS offers an easy-to-use mobile application that increases efficiency and decreases time for your field staff.

Our Mobile Field Device app is a field inspection application. We are able to preload parcel information into our app. The app generates a field card on a tablet, so the assessor can bring all information with them digitally to their inspection.

Appraisal district information is available via a click on a map. This brings up a field card with relevant property information. Assessors can take photos of a property to update their records. They can also attach photos and write notes on the field card.

The app does not need internet connectivity to work in the field. After the field visit is complete, appraisal staff can return to the office sync via WiFi and make updates. This is especially helpful in remote counties where there is not solid internet connection throughout the county.

Our Mobile Field Device app allows new information to be collected in the field digitally on a tablet. Going paper-free, and having fewer clicks allow for greater efficiency for appraisal staff. Goodbye, clipboards…hello digital appraisals.

Contact us today to get your mobile app set up : (800)247-9045 or gissupport@bisconsultants.com

Published On: April 26th, 2021 / Categories: Must Have Services /

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