Aerial Imagery for Comanche CAD

In December, the GIS team completed an aerial imagery project for Comanche CAD. The team utilized airplanes, photography and property data to make an aerial map that has been incredibly useful for the county.

Powered by Beacon, a team of aircraft took photos with speciality cameras to capture the county landscape in great detail. The BIS team used software to stitch those photos together to make a seamless base map image. The team then overlaid property information on top of the base map to create a dynamic map for the county.

Comanche now has the ability to see their county from a detailed aerial perspective. Comanche residents can visualize their entire property with trees, buildings, and more.

By creating an aerial map, there is an additional level of assurance that the county has each resident’s property catalogued correctly. It proves that the county is doing their due diligence and assessing properties accurately.

The entire project took only three weeks. The average time for competitors to complete a similar project takes a year. The quick turnaround time was a huge advantage for Comanche CAD. Chief Appraiser Jo Ann Hohertz was very happy with the end result.

Alex Sanders, GIS Manager said, “We are attentive to the customer’s needs. We are very flexible with our clients needs and can create what they want to see on the map.”

Congratulations to the GIS department on completing this impactful project in record time!

Published On: February 10th, 2021 / Categories: Department Highlights /

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