Truth-in-Taxation Clients Growing By The Day

In 2019, Texas legislators passed the Texas Property Tax Reform and Transparency Act, designed to demystify property taxes for local taxpayers. Otherwise known as Senate Bill 2 (S.B. 2), this new law requires local appraisal districts to publish detailed information online to help residents understand proposed budgets and tax rates for greater transparency.

In response to this new ruling, the BIS Development team is now building Truth-in-Taxation websites for appraisal districts. They created a site that is easy for taxpayers to navigate and shows a thorough breakdown of all of the different tax rates that contribute to a property owner’s tax bill. The team went above and beyond the basic requirements set forth by the mandate to offer a robust tool that is easy for appraisal districts and taxpayers alike.

The team has added over 70 new jurisdictions so far. More clients join the BIS family every day because of this service.

Word of mouth has been the primary driver for the new counties using this service. They have seen value in the tool’s ease of use, simplicity and great user interface.

Development team member Samantha Hogue says, “It’s such a great product. Customers come on board for our great customer service, and stay because this product is so user friendly.”

The Truth-in-Taxation websites offer a 5 year rate history of taxes, values year over year, and annual comparisons. The Dev team populates each county’s information into a feature rich tool that is easy for districts to use. The BIS team also trains appraisal district staff. The Dev team is proud to offer this new service and looks forward to bringing on even more clients into the BIS family. High five, Samantha, Greg and Taylor!

Contact us about the Truth in Taxation Website : (800)247-9045 or

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