Helping Clients in the Texas Summer Heat

The Development team at BIS has been sweating this summer! Not only is it hot, but this talented team has been busy and hyper focused adding staff, developing a new product (BIS Office) and successfully implementing the Tax Rate Calculator for many clients!

Because the state changed the tax rate worksheets this year, there were major adjustments that appraisal districts had to make when manually calculating rates.

The BIS Dev team recognized the headache and hassles that come with manual rate calculations as appraisal districts approach tax reporting season.

So they came up with a product to help.

They rolled out a Tax Rate Calculator this year that updates all of the state’s complicated worksheets quickly. This calculator lives inside of each county’s Truth-in-Taxation website. For customers that already have a TNT website, this is an easy add-on. Customers who don’t already have a TNT website can contact Bre Callear for the complete package at

Feedback from clients on the Tax Rate Calculator has been very positive. This product saves tax offices enormous amounts of time, avoids the hassle of manual calculations, is user-friendly, and up-to-date. The BIS Development team is able to provide a fully functional, user-friendly Tax Rate Calculator lightning quick for appraisal districts to stay compliant.

Time to cool off with a jump in the lake and an icy beverage, Dev team! We’re proud of the work you do to help make client’s lives easier.

Contact us about the Tax Rate Calculator: (800)247-9045 or

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