Every Device Can Be A Threat.

A breach of security can be as simple as clicking on an email from an unknown sender or dropping a USB drive in a parking lot. Even writing a password on a sticky note can compromise the security of an entire office. Any laptop, mobile device, tablet or personal computer can be a threat, or a deterrent, when it comes to cybersecurity.

In a world where there are more technological devices than people, it is critical to understand the risks related to technology, which is why BIS created Cybersecurity training. Our Cybersecurity training is a one-hour, on-demand webinar designed for employees to protect themselves and your office

Education is the key to preventing Cybersecurity attacks.

Protect your office, your staff, and your taxpayer data by offering Cybersecurity training. This training is not only valuable for your office: it helps employees understand personal cyber risks too. Phishing emails from suspicious senders are a reality both at home and work. Support your employees by training them on how to prevent cyber attacks on any device.

Interested in signing up for our next Cybersecurity course? 

Contact us at: (800)247-9045 or Bcallear@bisconsultants.com

Together we can make your office a more secure place.

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