BIS and Harris FAQ

Harris Govern and BIS Consultants Announce Cloud Services Reseller Partnership. We understand you may have questions regarding this agreement and how it will affect your current services or services you may get in the future. Here is a FAQ to answer the most common questions, have questions or concerns not covered on this page? Please reach out to Greg Jones at


BIS is working towards a solution where the user only has to reset their password; but more analysis is required.

This will depend on the Counties and their current tax office software provider.

BIS is reviewing best options for current on-premise Harris clients

PACS Mobile is not impacted by this agreement

BIS has requested a list of open Cloud Services enhancements from Harris. This list will be ordered, prioritized, and communicated through this transition. Some enhancements will likely be added before Harris clients are live on the BIS Cloud Services, others will be added over time.

Backup services are not part of this Agreement.

Most older True Automation sites will change, but the new design will be sent before migration.

A transition plan will be communicated to all clients first part of October.

BIS allows for several tax payments to be grouped into a single payment for your payment provider.

Yes; we will select several size Districts for Beta

Yes; we do not expect any currect functionality loss as part of this Agreement.

Yes; the TNT applications are included in the Cloud Services under this agreement.

This Agreement allows BIS to pass data into PACS for storage reducing redundant data entry.

Yes. BIS currently supports a Property Search with a map view.

Yes. BIS currently supports an online chat within Online Protests. These are recorded as comments within PACS

Yes. BIS will continue to make legislative and usability enhancements to our Cloud Service product suite. Usability enhancements come from internal testing and client feedback. Co-Development agreements will be handled by BIS with Harris oversight and approval.

Harris Cloud Services are being retired and all current Harris clients Cloud Services are transitioning to BIS Cloud Services.

Existing Harris clients can contact BIS or Harris for new services.

Harris will train on the new products with BIS assistance as needed.

Existing Harris clients migrating to BIS will receive training.

Yes; online forms are mobile-friendly, however, we recommend using the web version for the full benefits.

GIS and IT services are not impacted by this Agreement

Yes. BIS currently sends automated protest update emails to Administrators of the Online Protest site.

BIS and Harris are working on a transition plan. The plan will be communicated to all clients first part of October.

BIS is researching this option as part of the Online Protest Gap.

Yes. BIS currently supports a file upload ability of evidence from the Taxpayer. It will be enhanced as needed.

BIS Datacenter is located in Dallas; It is SSAE 16 / SAS 70 Type II Certified, N+1 power systems, N2 Redundant HVAC environmental control, Pre-action (dry pipe) fire suppression with heat and smoke detection as well as 100% uptime of critical systems.

Client training will be provided. If your office created special documentation for end-users, that documentation will need to be recreated.

  • Address Change From
  • Ag Form
  • Business Personal Property Rendition
  • Disabled Veteran’s or Survivor’s Exemption
  • Freeport Exemption
  • Homestead Exemption
  • Exemption Property Damaged by Disaster
  • Timberland Appraisal
  • Wildlife Management Annual Report

Absolutely. Marvin lives in the minds and hearts of all BIS staff. Look for him one day at a Conference!

Click the link to view the zoom meeting regarding the partnership: Zoom Meeting

Passcode: 0uQ#BST@

Please reach out to Greg Jones at if you have any other questions.