BIS Now Has An Agent Portal

Imagine a world where your office operates seamlessly, free from manually managing agent requests. That world is now possible with our Agent Portal, a revolutionary management system designed exclusively for Appraisal Districts like yours.

Here’s the challenge:

Agents inundate your office with paperwork, expecting your team to handle it all. This overload leads to countless calls, piles of documents, and unnecessary stress for your staff. We understand the struggle, and that’s why we’ve developed a solution.

Ready to transform how your office handles Agent Requests:

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  2. Set a date to go live.
  3. Relax; Knowing you are saving time and valuable resources.

Empower the agents:

Our Agent Portal empowers agents to manage their own accounts efficiently. They can register, file AOA applications, upload evidence, and interact with the Appraisal District directly—all in one place. The best part? It’s API-driven, ensuring real-time data from CAMA without delays. This means less pressure on your team and a streamlined, paperless process.

Does your office really need this?

We understand you might wonder if this service is truly necessary. The truth is, investing in the Agent Portal not only saves you time but also valuable resources. By reducing the workload on your staff, you’re investing in a more productive, streamlined future for your Appraisal District

Call us today for an estimate. 800-247-9045

Let’s put an end to endless paperwork and create a more efficient, stress-free environment for your office.

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