Blake Walker

Vintage Car Restoration Magician. Chips & Salsa Enthusiast. IT Manager. 

Blake is always working on something…from the computer his grandfather gave him in his childhood, to his parents’ cars at age 15. Blake found BIS through a friend. He started five years ago in July 2015 as an IT Technician II. Today as IT Manager, he works on lots of behind-the-scenes projects. He somehow manages to keep up with all of the 9,438 inbound issues like answering calls, server installs, ordering new equipment, handling support tickets, 140 client needs, backups, and overseeing people on the road. Blake likes this position because of the kind clientele that BIS attracts. Blake is customer-service focused in all that he does.  
  • Fun fact: Blake is rebuilding a classic 25 year old jeep Cherokee to drive it off-road.

  • Dream day: Relaxing or playing a round of golf.  

  • Last shows watched: Breaking Bad, Dexter.

  • Favorite food: Tex-Mex. 


Mark Wise

Baseball Coach. Goal Setter. CIO.  

Mark grew up playing sports and has transitioned to coaching his eldest sons’ baseball team. In much the same way, Mark started his career as a technical player and moved into a leadership role as CIO at BIS in July 2020. Previously, Mark worked as an IT Manager for Winzer, and a Technical Analyst for CCS. In his role at BIS, Mark oversees hardware, networks, and infrastructure. His role is sales-focused: doing procurement, sending quotes, updating hardware for all clients, keeping up with inventory, and ensuring BIS is learning and staying innovative. Because of his background outside of the appraisal industry, Mark brings a fresh perspective and asks a lot of questions, making him the “why” guy. 

Mark is a dad of four boys. His favorite food is his wife’s enchiladas. When he is not at work, he is hiking with his wife or restoring a1985 Chevrolet Silverado with his 15 year old son. Mark met Brandon after high school, and got him a job at AT&T (so the tables have turned!). Mark thoughtfully prepares his 5 and 10 year goals and comes with a mindset to Be Better: constantly pushing to grow his experiences and knowledge. 

  • Dream day: In the mountains or beach with family.  

  • First concert: Marilyn Manson Freakers’ Ball at Edgefest 

  • Pets: A lab (Ranger), a long-haired Chihuahua (Maxie), a cat (Kittie) and a hedgehog (Sweetie).  

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