Release Notes(version 2022.15)

July 25, 2022

Import TNT Data from PACS into BIS TNT Calculator

TNT Calculator
  • This feature allows the client to import TNT data from PACS.

  • The CAD must run the export in PACS before the import can be executed.

Export TNT Data from PACS

TNT Calculator
  • Navigate to File > Export > Truth-In-Taxation Data

  • Right click and select ‘New Export

  • Using your old TNT credentials, log into the export. If you do not remember them, please contact BIS for assistance.

  • Select entities and click ‘Export’.  Do not check the ‘Goto website after export finishes’ checkbox.

Import from PACS

TNT Calculator
  • Tax Rate Calculations

    • Select the Tax Office and Taxing Unit
    • Click the blue button in the top right corner that says “Import from PACS”
    • In the pop up, click “Import from PACS into worksheet”
    • Click import
    • You will get a message that says “Import was successful”
    • Click Cancel
    • Click Edit to go into the worksheet
  • The imported values are populated in the worksheet, and you can continue to enter the rest of your data.

  • If the CAD has not run the export in PACS, you will receive the message “Export has not been run in PACS”.  You should contact the CAD.

  • If the Taxing Unit Code does not match PACS, you will get the same error.  Please update the Taxing Unit Code to match PACS

If you have any other questions or issues, please contact BIS Customer Support at

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